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Door Technologies

Secure and Smooth Operation

The doors of the Quartz™ luxury collection incorporate the newest hardware innovations to equip the biggest, most durable and easiest-to-use entrances to your home.
Here are a few of our many door technologies available.

Multi-Point Locking Systems

Multipoint locking systems on Quartz™ swinging doors provide the greatest security and peace of mind. Our multipoint locking systems protect the doors in at least four additional points and distributes the force of impact across a larger area. The result is greater protection against unwanted entry.

Multipoint Lock Benefits:

  • Variety of options for doors of almost any height
  • Improved weather sealing
  • All stainless-steel construction for superior corrosion resistance
  • Robust stainless-steel latch and dead bolt
  • Mishandling device prevents lock engagement while open
  • Additional security with less effort
  • Backed by the industry’s highest ratings for structural and forced entry performance

Multi-Slide Rollers

Multi-slide doors in the Quartz™ luxury collection feature heavy-duty rollers that allow doors to glide smooth and effortlessly, year after year.

For the largest, most demanding door applications, our dual-wheel bottom sliding door roller is manufactured with double sealed stainless-steel bearings.

Quartz multi-slide roller benefits:

  • Quad stainless steel system
  • 1.8″ diameter wheel w/precision bearings

Superior Door Engineering

All this science means greater performance and quality of doors in the Quartz™ luxury collection. Taken as a whole, you can trust that Quartz™ doors are among the highest performance, long lasting and durable, and visually attractive products you can use for your next home or building.

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