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SolidCore Thermal Technology

Next evolution in thermal break technology

The SolidCore Technology™ thermal barrier system is Quaker’s patented system to enhance the performance of our windows and doors. This innovative solution provides both greater thermal efficiency and structural support, enabling more design options for Quartz™ line of luxury windows and doors. The SolidCore thermal barrier allows for a wider thermal break, ensuring performance and stability without compromising aesthetics.

SolidCore Technology integrates an Azo-Core 20# fill in the cavity of a window sash or door panel for excellent thermal performance and structural reinforcement. Quaker’s proprietary “cleating” technology creates a strong mechanical locking system to to the aluminum, which permits wide thermal cavities even large sashes and panels.

Several Quartz™ luxury window and door systems feature SolidCore Technology in combination with its other thermal barrier technologies to maximize design flexibility and performance.

Solid Foundation, Unlimited Possibilities

For more information on how SolidCore reinforces Quartz™ luxury windows and doors,
please reach out to one of our exclusive product consultants.