OptiCore® Technology

Commercial-Grade Frame Technology for Luxury Homes

The Quartz Collection’s™ patented OptiCore® technology defines the next evolution in thermal, structural and sound transmission performance for windows, while allowing for application flexibility that is changing the face of architectural window design.



OptiCore® technology was previously exclusive to Quaker’s® commercial products. Now we’re proud to present OptiCore® to the Quartz Collection™. The Quartz CityLine and TimberLine series of windows feature OptiCore® technology across their product lines.


Unparalleled Energy Efficiency

The OptiCore® frame design provides exceptional energy efficiency and thermal performance values that are unequalled in the industry.

A Difference You Can Feel

OptiCore® technology features architecturally enhanced aluminum, which combined with an Azo-Core™ thermal barrier reaches some of the lowest emissivity levels (known as U-factor) available in a frame design. The EnergyEnhanced glass package, working together with OptiCore®, creates a comfy interior space even during the coldest weather. All CityLine and TimberLine windows exceed ENERGY STAR requirements in all 50 states.

Superior Structural Performance

The Quartz Collection™ utilizes a sealant-injected double corner key construction for maximum strength in the corner joinery and frame. This design assures you that every Quartz Collection™ product will provide superior performance while offering a flexibility in configurations to meet your architectural style.

Designed for Performance

Windows with OptiCore® technology are tested to achieve an FGIA (previously AAMA) certified AW architectural rating based on both the windows maximum design size and gateway test size. This means that no matter the size needs of your project, your windows will perform to desired requirements.


Exceptional Sound Performance

Outside noise from traffic and neighbors can affect your daily comfort levels and even your sleep patterns. The Quartz Collection™ with OptiCore® technology is one of the easiest ways to reduce or eliminate this outside noise pollution.

The Quartz Collection™ offers a variety of glass packages designed specifically to reduce the amount of sound transmitted through your windows by up to 25%, creating a more comfortable and healthier environment for you and your family.

Ease of Installation

Quartz Collection™ windows are designed and manufactured to make installation easier. Our windows arrive with an integral miter cut continuous nail fin built into the frame, which surrounds the whole unit. You do not have to worry about open gaps around the window, or uneven fins. Quaker® also offers a variety of receptor, subsill and panning options for more intricate installations.


The series can be easily factory-mulled or set up as a multiple unit in one continuous master frame. This immediately adds value in the form of ease of installation and less costly field labor.

OptiCore® Has Entered the Building

For luxury home customers who demand the best of the latest building tech, our award-winning, patented OptiCore® platform is an easy decision.

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