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Thermal Barrier Technologies

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Quaker® utilizes three aluminum thermal barrier technologies to arm architects with unparalleled design flexibility for optimal window and door solutions. These thermal barriers are complementary, in that our product design may utilize one or multiple approaches to provide the right fit for the design requirement.

Sometimes called “thermally broken aluminum”, Quartz thermal breaks are designed to minimize heat transfer in cold weather, support the structural of the overall frame, and present a sleek, modern appearance.


Thermal Barrier




Azo-core 10#


Azo-core 20#

AZON® Thermal Options

The AZON thermal barrier utilizes a non-conductive polyurethane fill as part of a “pour and debridge” process. The polyurethane material is poured and cured to create mechanically fastened bridge in the aluminum utilizing AZON’s proprietary Azo-Brader™ system. This design enhances the thermal performance, while maintaining the maximum structural performance necessary for large luxury windows and doors.

OptiCore® Technology

Quartz Luxury windows featuring OptiCore Technology achieve the lowest possible U-factors for an aluminum window, while maintaining FGIA AW-rated structural durability. OptiCore is Quaker’s patented technology, utilizing a 10# Azo-Core™ polyurethane foam fill that is then dibridged into a commercial-grade aluminum frame.


SolidCore Technology™

Quaker’s patented SolidCore Technology thermal barrier integrates an ultra-dense 20# Azo-Core™ polyurethane fill in the cavity of a window sash or door panel for excellent thermal performance and structural reinforcement. SolidCore features Quaker’s proprietary “cleating” technology that creates a unique mechanical lock, allowing wide thermal cavities even in the largest product dimensions. That means bigger doors and windows while that offer superior thermal and structural performance.

Several Quartz™ windows and doors feature a combination of SolidCore and AZON thermal technologies to maximize performance and design.

SolidCore Technology™

Structural Performance Everywhere

No matter which thermal barrier technology used, all Quartz™ windows utilize a sealant-injected double corner key construction for maximum strength in the corner joinery and frame. This design assures you that every Quartz™ product will provide superior performance while offering a flexibility in configurations to meet your architectural style.

Ease of Installation

Quartz™ luxury windows are designed and manufactured to make installation easier. Our windows arrive with an integral miter cut continuous nail fin built into the frame, which surrounds the whole unit. You do not have to worry about open gaps around the window, or uneven fins. Quaker® also offers a variety of receptor, sub-sill, and panning options for more intricate installations.

All Quartz products can be easily factory-mulled or set up as a multiple unit in one continuous master frame. This immediately adds value in the form of ease of installation and less costly field labor.

Quartz Thermal Barrier Performance Data

Quartz thermal barrier technologies render enhanced thermal and structural performance compared to other common thermal break systems.

Thermal Conductivity (lower is better)

Azo-Core 20#* Azo-Core 10#** AZON Polyamide Strut

* – Featured in SolidCore Technology™

** – Featured in OptiCore® Technology


U-Factor: A measure of the rate at which heat is transferred through a building material. The lower the U-factor, the better a thermal break is at retaining heat inside a building. Measured in British thermal units per hour square foot degrees Fahrenheit (BTU/h·ft²·°F).

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For luxury home customers who demand the best of the latest frame technologies, our award-winning, patented Quartz thermal barrier platform is an easy decision. Please reach out to one of the consultants in our exclusive dealer network to learn more about how Quartz luxury windows fulfill even the most demanding architectural guidelines.

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