EnergyEnhanced Glass Package

Windows and doors in the Quartz™ luxury collection produce beautiful views, while also make your home cozy and energy efficient. Our EnergyEnhanced glass package provides invisible thermal energy benefits in all seasons of the year, in all U.S. regions. The benefits are cool rooms in the summer, warm rooms in the winter, with an attractive, easy-to-clean exterior glass surface.

Insulating Glass

The heart of the window starts at the insulating glass unit. We design our IG units with the purpose of enhanced energy efficiency, high condensation resistance and long-lasting durability.

All Quartz™ windows feature a Super Spacer® design by Edgetech, which is 950 times less conductive than regular aluminum spacers and reduces condensation by up to 70%.

The dual seal of polyisobutylene and butyl secures the integrity of the IG unit for decades to come. Argon gas fill stays trapped inside, ensuring a consistent thermal performance, winter and summer.


Glare Control for Summer Heat

The low-E coating on the #2 surface is LoĒ2-240® from Cardinal Glass Industries. LoĒ2-240® blocks a remarkable amount of oppressive solar heat, reducing air conditioning loads and makes your space comfortable even on the warmest of summer days. The subtle hue yields a polarized view which reduces unwanted glare and stays visually consistent no matter how thick the glass panes need to be.

Comfy Rooms in the Winter

The room-side surface is of the EnergyEnhanced package incorporates Cardinal’s invisible, permanent LoĒ-i89™ coating that blocks heat escape during the cold winter months. Working in tandem with the #2 surface coating, LoĒ-i89 dramatically improves wintertime comfort.

For maximum heat retention, especially in northernmost regions of the United States, we also offer a 3-pane window with LoĒ-i89 applied to the #6 surface.

Anti-Static Low Maintenance Surface

The exterior surface of the EnergyEnhanced package incorporates Cardinal’s Neat+™ permanent coating that makes window cleaning easier and even less frequent. This photoactive coating chemically reacts to the ultraviolet portion of the sun’s rays, causing organic pollutants on the glass to decompose. This causes water to sheet, reducing spots. Thus, your windows will stay pristine longer.

More Than the Sum of Its Parts

The EnergyEnhanced glass package is available on all Quartz™ products. We also provide other glazing options to best match your climate and energy zone needs.

You can trust that the Quartz™ luxury collection is among the highest performance, long lasting, durable and visually attractive products you can use for your next home or building.

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