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Transformative by design,  Quartz Luxury Windows & Doors by Quaker redefines innovation in modern luxury residential windows and doors. Quartz empowers architects and homeowners with contemporary and traditional construction styles to fulfill their architectural objectives.

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CityLine™, with its architecturally enhanced aluminum frame system, showcases the full power of OptiCore®, a patented technology that establishes new expectations for structural and energy window performance.

Timberline™, a hybrid product, blends an exterior architectural frame with a natural wood interior, intertwining the superior performance of OptiCore® while keeping the softer visual tones that we have grown accustomed to within the world of wood windows.

EdgeLine™, an ultra-sleek contemporary aluminum window and door series that has been styled to replicate the traditional look of steel. Engineered with SolidCore™ Technology, our new EdgeLine single-hung windows offer the industrial look often seen within historic architectural builds while incorporating structural and thermal performance that is unmatched in the residential construction market.

Quaker Windows and Doors is proud to be a part of the Green Enrichment Initiative with a focus of sustainable improvement, environmental stewardship and responsible manufacturing practices.